Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Le Creuset Product Review!

I've been contacted by CSN Stores and asked to do a product review on one of their Le Creuset items.... hmmmm???!!!! Which to choose, which to choose?

Have you heard of CSN? They're a collection of 200 + stores and they sell, well, everything. Track lighting, sewing machines, stationery, bed sets, Stand mixers and tons of kidstuff, I don't even want to look in to their kid stuff. Basically browsing their stores makes you realize that every one of your rooms are lacking :) Wow, I just spelled out my Christmas wishlist right there. Except the kidstuff - we have too much of that! They carry many designers that I like, including Marrimekko, Dwell Studios, Working Class Studio and Paper Cloud.

More to come when I receive the Le Creuset beauty - do you know Le Creuset? Do you love them? Which one do you think I'd choose?

Stay tuned for a Le Creuset giveaway from CSN via Fruit and Foliage coming next month!!! ( You don't really think I could keep this to myself do you - no, we need to spread the love!)

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