Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trimmed with Love Contest Entry and a new purse from an old dress

Alrighty, I've been busy using my last few free afternoons prior to starting WFT (Working Full Time) to sew sew sew.
And here's what I've got to enter in Melissa Stramel's trimmed with love contest :
A fully trimmed birdie! My 3 year old begged me for this rickrack 6months or so ago while we were visiting Jo-Anns, and now here it goes to good use. The pattern is a free download from Spool, check it out here. I'm creating a little army of them for the nooks and crannies in my house and office(s). A great way to display super cute fabric or, as in this case, embellishment.

My other entry and latest project is a new purse I've made myself from an old dress I found at the thrift store.
This project took about 2 hours and was quite straight forward. I documented it with pictures (below). Essentially I stole the zipper with fabric to spare around it, cut off the skirt, lining and all, and sewed up the bottom, added the zipper to the top, used the trim as both an accent and the strap. I also added some piping. I'm really happy with how it turned out, these photos don't do it any justice! I need a model, or a personal photographer... perhaps I'll ambush a friend at work tomorrow :)
I've had this idea in the back of my mind for months, but it was finally seeing Annekata's bag last week that lit the fire to get this done.

The dress.

The Cuts.

The Purse.

The Details.


  1. How beautiful! Thanks so much for entering. This has really been fun.

  2. That bag is so pretty! I love the way you used the waistband fabric; it's lovely. And thanks for the link to the birdie pattern! I just downloaded it. I'd love to make some to hang above our changing table. Your comment about your 3-year-old begging for rickrack at the fabric store made me laugh out loud. My 3-year-old does the same thing. At least they've got good taste, right? :-)

  3. What a great bag. Love the way you re-used the dress. And I'm really in love with the bird on top with its hand stitched details...

  4. That is awesome! I want to make a purse for my sister-in-law for her birthday. I feel inspired to go thrifting to look for some material! Thanks for the great idea!